Why should I buy from GreenTokri?2021-01-04T10:10:45+05:30

Our vegetable products are hydroponically grown and residue free! We process foods directly at the farm, fresh from the field. Strawberries are directly made into jam and vegetables for the pickles come freshly from the farm. What is MORE: we don’t use preservatives, colours nor taste enhancers. It is convenient: delivery at your door, easily and quickly prepared.

At GreenTokri we strive to give you the best quality at an affordable price. If ever you are not happy with the quality, we happily replace it for you with your next GreenTokri delivery! Just send us an email or give us a phone call.

GreenTokri now has a new Responsive Web Application (RWA). How do I order from there when I am already registered with GreenTokri?2021-01-04T09:43:09+05:30
What are the payment options?2021-01-14T07:49:12+05:30

You can pay online at the time of placing your order, using any UPI mode of payment (like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Bhim Pe, etc). You can use your credit card or debit card, or you can transfer via Netbanking with the help of CCAvenue.

Do you issue refunds or offer replacements?2021-01-25T09:04:19+05:30

Yes, we do issue refunds! We can also replace any items that you were not satisfied with, when we deliver your next order. For any refund /replacement, please contact us within 24 hours after your delivery. Please contact us on sendmesalad@greentokri.com, and we will revert to you. We do request you to get in touch with us, and send either a photo or the product itself back whenever we deliver to you next.

We are responsible for the quality of the delicacies, until our customers open them. The Mayonnaise, Belgian Samurai Mayonnaise and the Guacamole, have to be stored in the refrigerator, at all times. All the other products only need to be stored cold, after opening. The salad dressings can be stored at ambient temperature even after opening.

What is the minimum order for delivery and are there any delivery charges?2021-01-01T09:34:14+05:30

The minimum order for FREE delivery is Rs.300. If your order is below that amount, then there is a Rs.40 delivery charge applied. We sell 4 different kinds of pasta, Pasta/Pizza Sauce, Jams, Basil Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, 6 different Salad Dressings If you like GreenTokri for our lovely fresh Lettuces, also try our clean and fresh spinach and celery, our avocado and many other fruits.  It is not difficult at all to reach the amount of Rs. 300 with such a variety of products.

Can I change my delivery day?2021-01-01T10:09:14+05:30

We have scheduled daily routes to particular areas of the city. If your delivery is done on that day, we don’t charge for a delivery which has a minimum value of Rs. 300/- . If you want a delivery on another day than the usual delivery day, please call us on +91 97637 17960.

Can we recycle the plastic?2021-01-16T05:04:11+05:30

If you have collected a lot of plastic bags from your GreenTokri purchase, you can bring it back to us and we reimburse you according to the price mentioned on the bag.

GreenTokri believes in being as environment – friendly as possible. We are aware of the issue of using plastic bags and we are exploring suitable eco – sensitive alternatives to these. We need a solution that would keep the lettuce moist and fresh until it reaches our clients. We would greatly appreciate any ideas you may have about this!

We do have 3 Go Green Initiatives, wherein we do our little contribution to save nature and reduce pollution. The initiatives are: “Send back 12 clean GreenTokri delicacy bottles ad get a delicacy of your choice free of cost in the next delivery” and “Send back 12 Salad Bowls and get a Free Salad bowl of your choice in your next delivery” and last but not least, we use no plastic bags to carry your order to you, but instead we made cotton bags branded “GreenTokri”.


What if I’m not home during the day?2021-01-01T10:52:12+05:30

Many customers like the convenience of making online advanced payments. The customer with an advanced payment does not have to be home for delivery. We simply leave the bag at the door, or with your watchman, your neighbour, or maybe your mom or friend whom you may be meeting for lunch that day…

If you have any more doubts, please cal us on +91 97637 17960 .

Why did the driver not deliver to me yesterday?2021-01-01T12:56:44+05:30

The delivery to your home may not have happened due to several reasons:

  • We did not receive your order or it was received too late for delivery. You should always receive a confirmation email once we place your order if you haven’t received this email, please give us a call. Please check your “Promotional” folder if you have a gmail account.
  • There was no one at home. Our delivery officers are instructed to call you if they do not find anyone at home. If they are unable to get through to you they will leave a note on your door giving the time of their visit and the reason why they were unable to leave the salad for you.

If you have any question about the delivery, please call us on +91 97637 17960

Can you tell me what time the delivery officer will be at my home?2021-01-25T08:58:33+05:30

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly when he will be at your home. Though our delivery officer will try to visit your area around the same time every week, it is driven by various factors, such as delivery volumes and traffic conditions. If you have any questions about your delivery please contact the person who placed your order for you or  just call the GreenTokri office +91 97637 17960.

If our delivery time doesn’t suit you for some reason, and you have made an advance payment, maybe the watchman or he neighbour can be asked to accept your parcel. If that also doesn’t work, please call us.

How do we know for sure that everything we ordered will be delivered?2021-01-01T13:44:12+05:30

in our new webshop, only items which are in stock will be visible to you and will be available to you for ordering. We at GreenTokri try our best to get everything that was ordered delivered to you. If for some reason there is a difference between what you ordered and what you received and we owe you, we will reimburse you or if you like, we can put the difference into your “wallet” which you can view any time.

How to contact customer service?2021-01-01T13:48:02+05:30

You can contact the customer service in the following ways:

  1. Call or send a WhatsApp to the following number: +91 97637 17960 or to your usual contact person in GreenTokri
  2. Send email to the following email id: sendmesalad@greentokri.com
How can I check my GreenTokri wallet balance?2021-01-01T13:50:05+05:30
How do I register my business (retail shop, restaurant,…)?2021-01-01T13:52:28+05:30

If you are a retailer, you can register with us by sending your request to retailorders@greentokri.com. If you have a restaurant, please send your request to hospitalityorders@greentokri.com.  The GreenTokri team with get back to you with a form that needs to be filled accurately and submitted for registration of the business with GreenTokri.


What do I do when I forgot my password?2021-01-04T09:53:21+05:30

When you forgot your password, tap the button ” forgot password” and an OTP will be sent to you which you can use to login.

Do I have to register to order?2021-01-04T10:04:43+05:30

No, you do not need to be registered to order. You can always order as a guest, but this means that if you want to order again you will each time need to re-enter your contact details.

If you register with us, we can contact you if we have any questions regarding your order or delivery as well as making sure you receive our weekly emails, where we send recipes and offer discounts and sales. You can rest assured that we will not pass on your details, but keep them only for GreenTokri communication.

Is your salad organic?2021-01-05T04:31:34+05:30

We can’t say our salad is organic as we are not using organic manure like cow dung. Fertilising vegetables with organic manure can be harmful in vegetables which need to be eaten raw. We use anorganic fertilizer. This comes as a clean powder, which we mix in the water for the drip irrigation. Being organic would mean that the whole area around us, including the neighbouring farms should be organic too and that is not in anybody’s control. We grow in a way that our fields maintain and renew their fertility. We use our own well-water which was tested for minerals and heavy metals which is very clean. We grow our own saplings in a nursery. We don’t need to use herbicides because we have covered the fields with weedmats, so there is no need to use chemicals for regular weed eradication.

Can we visit the farm and see where all our home delivered vegetables are growing?2021-01-14T10:31:30+05:30

We are delighted to welcome you to visit our farm in Sasvad! Please send us an email to FarmTour@GreenTokri.com with details like number of adults and children interested to join, and we will keep you posted about our next farm tour. The program is outlined below:

  • The playground is after lunch.
  • As you arrive, we offer a welcome drink in the assembly area. Our Farm Manager will guide you through the entire tour. Our experts have worked on the farm for many years and will explain everything about our farming operations to you, helping you see and understand first-hand how we grow, handle and transport our fresh produce to you. They will also reveal to you how GreenTokri transformed the rocky & barren wasteland into a lush, productive and beautiful farm.
  • We’ll take you to our exotic vegetable and salad fields, show you the custard apple orchard, our avocado trees, herbs greenhouse.
  • Our farm manager will teach your children how to plant their own salad saplings (which they can take home). Depending on the season, we’ll also give you an opportunity to pick your own salad, vegetables or fruits.
  • By the time you’ve done all this, it will be time for lunch at our Lakeside Plot, just about ten minutes’ drive in your car (please follow our Farm Manager’s car). A walk there would take fifteen minutes. This plot is an orchard and garden plot – a small paradise made by us in an area that consisted of barren rocks only, when we acquired it in 2001.
  • We have a vegetarian menu prepared for you at our Lake Plot (only our two Mayonnaise delicacies contain eggs). Typically, we serve a variety of Mixed Salads, breads, dips, dressings, Pasta, several pestos and sauces such as Belgian Samurai Sauce, Basil Pesto, Mayonnaise, Pasta Sauce, and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Oil and our Mango Jam. Our pickled products – Capsicums, Jalapeños are available and served. Dessert is also included.
  • The children can enjoy our playground. We have a trampoline, swing, zip line, bouldering wall, see-saw and a sandpit. The children will enjoy climbing the trees as well. We have a few toys to help the children develop coordination and motor skills and to help them synchronise with their team members. There will be shady place for you to sit and watch them having fun.
  • We will also be around to answer your questions, about the farm and our products.
  • All the products you see and eat are grown and freshly made at the farm! As you eat, you can shop for your favourite delicacies at the GreenTokri Farm Bazaar. You will be given your return gift in exchange of your entrance pass. Lunch & Farm Bazaar will be over at approx. 3 pm. You should enjoy the beautiful, quiet nature around the farm and take a walk to the nearby lake to enjoy its serene surroundings.
  • Don’t forget to take your GreenTokri gift after lunch.
Can we buy your salad in any store?2020-01-09T10:02:25+05:30

Yes, you can purchase from our distribution centre in Wadgaonsheri Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm. The address is S. No. 21/2/1 Gurudev Building, Shop no. 1 – 4, Sainik Wadi, near “Christ the King” Church, Wadgaonsheri, Pune 411 014.

You can also click this link for a list of our many retail partners located around Pune:

How long can we store the salad?2020-01-09T10:01:43+05:30

The duration that a lettuce can be stored depends on how (cold) you store it and how you store it. It can be kept in the fridge for almost a week at between 3 and 7 degrees Celsius in a plastic bag. Make sure the bag does not touch the freezing part in the fridge as when salad freezes, it goes bad.

How do I clean the salad to make sure it is hygienic?2020-01-09T10:01:12+05:30

Some people prefer to simply rinse lettuce under running water. Others may soak lettuce leaves in a bowl of cold water. Both are good methods. Just do not leave the salad leaves standing in water for long as some of the vitamins will also get washed away. We recommend that you wash your salad with filtered water (water). Some people even go further and use potassium permanganate to sterilize the salad leaves.