Heat & Eat Pasta Sauce (330g)


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Ready-to-eat Pasta Sauce – just heat it, add spices & condiments to your taste and pour over your pasta or pizza. Best before 12 months from packaging. Tastes lovely in combination with pickled Jalapenos.

Note: Pictures show serving suggestions to give you ideas for adapting the product to your taste! We hope to inspire you to prepare many different meals from our products…


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This famous GreenTokri sauce is actually also often used as a Pizza Sauce. No taste enhancers, no colours, no thickening agents, very little oil only, 100% natural.

Nutritional Values

Nutrition Values per 100g (approx.). Energy 35.4 kcal. Protein 1.4g, Carbohydrates 4.4g, Sugar 4.3g, Total fat 1.5g. Trans Fatty Acids 0.03g, Saturated Fatty Acids 0.3g.

Energy: 35.4 Kcal
Fat: 1.5 g
Trans Fatty Acids: 0.03 g
Saturated Fatty Acids: 0.3 g
Carbohydrates: 4.4 g
Total Sugar: 4.3 g
Protein: 1.4 g


  • GreenTokri Virgin Tomato Puree (100% Tomato!), Onions, Refined Sunflower Oil, GreenTokri Basil Leaves, Garlic, Pepper, Iodized Salt, GreenTokri Herbs


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