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The GreenTokri farm is very different from the other farms I have visited so far. What makes GreenTokri such a special place are the hosts. Mr. Khan and Eliza, you guys rock! The amazing hospitality and the honest conversations made that day extra special for my guest as well. Anyone visiting Pune, this place is a must see. Not to forget, Mr. K, you got me hooked onto salads for life!

I am hoping to visit the place soon again!


GreenTokri is a blessing to Pune. Over the years, they have consistently given excellent quality produce and delicacies. I really just love everything about them, from their ethics to their products, they are the best!

Ekavali P

We had the pleasure of going for the GreenTokri farm tour and meeting K and E, the farm managers. They provided us all with delicious food, loads of fun, all with a healthy mix of a sound knowledge of farming techniques. We came away happy and content on not only what GreenTokri is as a farm, but also enthused to explore how growing our own food can enrich our lives. A highly recommended tour and it was a pleasure to meet K & E and we hope to be able to re-visit them and the farm many more times in the future.

KC and family

A place that is soooo natural and where we were closest to innovations. A must visit for all kids! Trust me you would be with the most amazing hosts, K and E. Thanks for making the tour sooo good.

Poonam M